Wednesday, July 1, 2009


Posted by beth at 11:16 PM

Sunday June 01st 2008, 4:02 pm

Honestly I shouldn’t be blogging right now but due to my emotions I had to drop by and express my thoughts…

I and my sister have been bickering all day, when we got tired we just stared at each other and laugh really hard. We have just realized how childish we really are. I saw a smile on dad’s face ( I really don’t know why he was smiling but I guess he too finds it very childish of us to be pulling each other’s hair and running along the hallway– and to think that I’m nearly 28 and my sister is turning 25 on the 26th).

Well anyway we settled down for awhile and there it was my sister’s pc just magically switched on with this amazing movie–P.S. I LOVE YOU…we were simply elevating our legs on the headboard and we started to exchange sighs and tissue papers…We cried really hard…She look at me and asked, ” When will I find my Jerry?”…”Will I ever find him?”…Realizing that she got carried away I wanted to give her the exact words that I always give my friends but I can’t…I wanted to say that, ” don’t worry you’ll be fine…soon he’ll be there you’ll see” but I simply can’t…instead to stop her from all those tears I simply hugged her and said…”You already have your Jerry…”

Finding Jerry isn’t easy but when you do, don’t ever let him go…It’s nice to wake up each morning finding that special someone by your side…You can have some heated arguments–you’ll hate him for telling the truth but in the end you’ll love him for his honesty… Never expect him to say you’re gorgeous each day, you may love to hear the compliment but it’s better when he’d say, ” I really don’t like you wearing pink, but you know what I see you very sexy in your black mini dress!”…Don’t expect each day to be filled with hugs and sweet kisses…you’ll love his warm body touching yours but sometimes you’ll appreciate it more if he’ll give you enough space under the sheets for you to get enough sleep…You’ll laugh at his funny jokes but expect that there will be times that you’ll cry due to his uninvited criticisms…Sometimes you’ll hate him for not understanding you but in the end you’ll love his apologetic smile as he teases you…

I miss my “jerry” –MY SWEET AND LOVING MARLON IN REAL LIFE…I wish I could make him feel how special he is even when I’m a few hours away…I wish I could be his “jerry” where in I can make him feel that he is the most wonderful thing that ever happened in my life…I miss my hubby…my baba…my booooo….

Honey if you’re reading this I’m just dropping by to say, I hope you’re fine and I wish I’m there to watch you early in the morning…to fix your breakfast…to prepare your clothes…to smoothly massage you with that sweet smelling body lotion…give you a quick hug and a sweet little smooch…and finally to say, ” NY MALADAW KAN! 8:30 MANEN“….hehehe…and of course to simply say, ” always remember ny…. P.S. I LOVE YOU…”



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