Wednesday, July 1, 2009

It's Just A BAd DAy!

Posted by beth at 11:01 PM

The lonely cold shivering breeze is here again to envelop my entire body with depression….
The lonesome night is creeping in my bed…The sun isn’t there to save me from the loneliness…I feel like my world is so limited that my life isn’t
as colorfull as it used to be…I’m trying to hum a song…But it’s just so sad that even my gleeful humming isn’t a brilliant idea to save me from what I am about to experience…

I’m showing off my blissful persona to everybody…I’m trying to paint a pretty picture that people around me can appreciate…I’m trying to create a scenario where sadness is not very well defined…I’m trying to play a special song where we can all laugh and dance cheerfully…
But despite all the pretentions that life isn’t a sad story…I know somebody sees the real me…I’m just glad that after this emotional outburst I just know that I’ll be fine….

Maybe after these lonesome nights the sun will shine its glorious beauty again….All of these meaningless sadness will disperse into thin air…and for sure all that will be left is a happy glow…and after that I’ll be able give everybody a smile that will show-off how marvelous life really is….

It’s just a bad day! sigh!



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