Wednesday, July 1, 2009

It's a New Year...It's a New Day...

Posted by beth at 11:12 PM

Sunday January 06th 2008, 8:02 pm

Where was I a year ago? I think I was sitting on the same side of this bed trying to scribble a lot of unforgetable events on my diary.

A year ago I wasn’t jumping for joy when everybody was holding their breath while waiting for the New Year countdown, instead I was trying to show a happy face. Secretly I was hoping that nobody would notice that I was emotionally disturbed.
I’ve had a sudden transition in my life and it’ws hard for me to comprehend on it. No words can perfectly described how I felt at that moment. I was holding back and I was afraid of letting go….

But this year I’m moving on…This time there’s no more turning back…This time I’m willing to accept my destiny…and this time I’m willing to let go….

Gone are the ol’e days where I have to simply look outside the window and ponder hard about some significant circumstances…It’s time to go out and be a part of that wonderful scenery….
Life isn’t all about crying your heart out and wishing that things could have been different….There’s no use in dwelling in the past because what has been done has been done–P-E-R-I-O-D….But we can always do something about the present…and we still have a lot of time ahead of us….Let’s learn from the past instead….

Happy are those who can stand after a bad fall…Happy are those who are last but were always able to finish the race…

Life isn’t all about the destination it’s always all about the journey….
Life is beautiful….Let’s enjoy it while we still can…Minsan lang tayo mabubuhay…Let’s make the most out of it….
Happy New Year!!!



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