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Friday October 12th 2007, 11:02 pm Edit This

It’s 6pm and we have a couple of good friends coming over…There’s just 4 of us hanging around savoring the last days of fall…

The boys had captain morgan infront of them and the girls are just exchanging ideas on the chiky stuff. Then we started singing… It’s nice to sit around and simply allow every single cell of our body to enjoy the tranquil surrounding…Every adipose tissue helps us cope with the cold weather…Our brain cells are not that drained to feel great to have an honest conversation…–about our past experiences…about our lives today and eventually about our future as well…
All those review materials are draining the girls and the boys are physically exhausted for the week so I guess we really needed a break somehow….

Whew…after all those tears and warm thoughts shared we just realized that after 5 years or so while driving our hybrid cars we’ll pass by this old apartment and say, ” somehow I remember one of those cold nights in October when we were just there sitting, singing our lungs out, our eyes were almost shedding those innocent tears, I can still taste the delicious spaghetti, the yummy chicken…and of course how can we ever forget those secrets shared…the precious moments that we witnessed…the lovely conversation…the innocent remembrance of “our past”…and those wonderful friends that we have and we will always cherish…” and upon reaching our destination we will see familiar faces…and we will have another heart warming conversation…the boys will no longer be boys…they’ll be wise men but they’ll still have the same bottle of captain morgan infront of them…the girls will be no longer girls instead they will be knowledgeable women with an additional few letters on their last names…but still they’d have the same chicky conversation…with the same sound of jolly laughter…and the little sweet angels of theirs will be there running along playing around…they’ll have plenty of time laughing at their muddy faces..they’ll have plenty of time exploring their dvd educational tapes..they may pull each other’s hair…or better yet they may have a good baby talk conversation…and the rest of the story is a ” that’s for all of us to find out phrase”…
But then again I’ve realized that a day spent with friends will always be a fruitful memory….



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