Wednesday, March 6, 2013

The Closure

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After so many years of thinking about the what ifs, what should'ves and could'ves they meet again... He called her from his cellphone...She picked up on the other line...He asked, " Are you here? Where are you?" She grinned back..." I'm over here....we're here at the salon." she replied. He opened the door and their eyes met for the very fist time in so many years...They hugged and gave each other their short versions of "Hi there! And how are you's"... Time has changed but nothing really changed much about them...except for the fact that they're both 7 years older...and 7 years more mature... The day went on and they spent it with their wonderful friends... They didn't talk that much but they sat close together...Everything between them seemed to be so distant and so cold...The only thing that they could talk about was their jobs and the lives they both made for the past few years...then they smiled and simply sighed...The day had to end pretty soon...She looked at her finger and she remembered that somehow this maybe the final goodbye....
Once again they hugged...exchanged their lovely goodbyes...and this time they didn't have the guts to say their see you soons... Maybe it was indeed the final goodbye... :-)

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