Wednesday, March 28, 2012

The Empty Bed

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During my rounds I am used to passing by his room first...I'd always say "Hi!", and asked, "How are you today sir?"...He'd always answer with wide awake eyes, " I'm ok!"... For months I've always been greeted with his wide awake eyes and with his soft toned voice that would let me feel that my 8 hour shift would be ok...At times he'd make me worry a lot because of hyperglycemia that even his insulin sliding scale could cover...At times we'd all worry because of his hypoglycemic state that even a glass of orange juice could not help... After 4 long months I'm used to seeing him ambulating with minimal support...Now his bed remains empty...

I remember trying to fight back the tears on that dreadful day...Receiving him unresponsive to any stimuli and in respiratory distress ... Making him feel comfortable in his last few minutes was even harder... Seeing him with dilated pupils, unappreciated vital signs, and unresponsive made me feel so helpless even more...and somehow made me feel that my best wasnt good enough....

His empty bed will be occupied soon...Maybe ... maybe just maybe this time I'll be able to see a gleeful smile...with a soft toned voice and a pair of wide awake eyes that would make me feel that it's finally time to say goodbye to the wonderful resident that left that special room... that brought tears to my eyes...But sure enough I'll never ever forget Mr. Nice and his EMPTY BED for a long long time...Sigh!

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