Thursday, July 7, 2011

The Unwanted Guest

Posted by beth at 12:12 PM
Funny but I do have simple pet peeves....I haven't had any descent sleep since last Friday almost 2 weeks from today...I was sitting in front of the television and at the same time checking on my email for my job search, when suddenly a tiny black shadowy figure ran across the carpeted floor...I freaked out and shouted..."NY I THINK THERE'S A SENIORITA IN THE HOUSE!!!" He laughed and said..., maybe that's just your imagination.

2 weeks prior to this incident a nice neighbor from down stairs approached my husband and asked, " Are you having any mice problem in your apartment?". My husband politely answered, " No we're ok..." smiled and told me about their very brief conversation. My eyes opened wide, " If that is the case then we too can have a similar problem." I freaked out and cleaned the house as thoroughly as I can.

Well anyway...He just simply laughed at me and asked, " Where did you see it?", I simply answered; " from the kitchen floor to I think near our room!" He searched...and finally opened the water heater closet door...and there he scared as I was. My husband freaked out! I asked him to get rid of it because sooner or later it might multiply into two, three, or even a dozen...and I'm really seriously afraid of it. He just said, " Calm down and we will call the management tomorrow.". "Tomorrow?!? We might not be able to know where we will find it tomorrow!?!" I immediately got in a sitting position with my feet off the floor on a kitchen chair! He tried covering the water heater closet door though...but I knew somehow that our unwanted visitor is more clever than that... Early the next morning we got up...I did everything the way I used to in the first hour of my day...and when my husband closed the front door I immediately went inside our room locked my self up for the whole day...I called the management and tried asking for assistance...They immediately sent someone to set-up some traps...but still I wasn't relieved...Then night eyes were still wide opened. I don't know why but for some reasons I'm terribly afraid of senioritas inside the house....Dawn came and still I couldn't keep my eyes closed...and then the first sun rays came and still I couldn't keep my eyes shut...seeing me with my eye bags turning dark and swelling my husband hugged me and said, " Let's go out of town for the weekend and we'll try to sleep and relax." I thought it was so sweet of him to offer such a serene weekend but still I couldn't bring my face to exercise my zygomatic muscles, instead I simply sighed....

Two days after we were back in our apartment...I was pretty exhausted that all I wanted to do was get some sleep...July eyes are again wide I was reaching out for my phone on my night stand table...there it was 4 tiny droppings that made me worry even more...This time I was sure that I wasn't alone inside our lonely room...It seemed as though I shared one whole day with my unwanted friend without even recognizing it 3 days ago!!! I tried checking the whole apartment and it was so disappointing to find out that the droppings were everywhere...This time I won't really be able to sleep...My husband seeing me like this accompanied me to the hardware store to find something that will help us bid farewell to our unwanted guest...

Day 4 passed by...and there he was lying in our kitchen floor...I shrieked at the top of my lungs when I saw it trying to catch it's few last breaths...I shouted even more when he tried to move...When I couldn't contain my self I ran to the administrator office, went instantly to see the manager and said, "Please help me...I found the mouse lying in our kitchen floor!!! I really don't know what to do..."..."Stay calm," she said. "I thought somebody was chasing're still shaking honey." She dialed the number and called for somebody to assist me...and there I was almost relieved that our unwanted guest was already out of the apartment. I'm suppose to be able to shut my eyes and enjoy the serene comforting ways of our little nests...but unfortunately our unwanted guest left me with uncertainty...I'm sorry little fellow...I didn't mean to hurt you...sigh!!!



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