Monday, December 20, 2010

Winter...winter...Winter.... :-(

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It's that crazy time of the year again where ths sky seemed to be weeping it's own heart out...The clouds are pretty heavy and low.....and there's not quite like it. The eerie feeling of winter is here again to make me feel so alone and cold....:-(

Darn! I used to love this part of the year! I used to dance with glee....I used to hum a happy song...I used to love watching the skies as if trying to wait for a wishing star to pass by...Now it's a another cold month...Another year is about to end...Another chapter is about to unfold...Help me Sunshine! Help me appreciate the wonder of this coming year...Save me from the loneliness...Save me from all these craziness...Save me from insanity....Save me from all this crappy none sense! Help me see me own little colorful world....

It's just one of those days I suppose...It's just one of those cloudy days again...Yes indeed...It's just one of those winter cold days...


Friday, December 10, 2010

Miss Invisible

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She's a girl who had it all; a warm family to come home to, lovely friends and a wonderful life outside their beautiful home and then everything just simply changed. She used to laughed like the way you do...She used to dance as cheerful as you...She used to sing as gleeful as you hum your sweet songs...but unfortunately now she laughs but nobody seems to care...She dances but nobody seems to notice...She sings but nobody seems to hear....and so she sighs! Now I must say she is a bit sad.

She can't write when she is happy. She writes when she's depressed. She longs for her family...for her lovely friends...she longs to be hugged. She longs to be really loved. She's missing so much from this beautiful life time...She finds it so hard to fit in...She's struggling yet she is endlessly being bullied. She appears to be so weak yet she is strong...and so the sad little soul stares at the window saying to herself that her time will soon come...and at that time she'll forget about this sad chapter of her life...She'll move on ... and this time she'll never allow anyone to hurt her again...

but for now she'll hide behind the mask of Miss Invisible...but this too shall pass...and yes she'll smile as sweet as you do...she'll dance cheerfully again and best of all she'll sing her song as marvelous as the angels do... :-D

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